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White Boxers

Origins of the White Boxer Dog Breed

Many people assume that the color of a white boxer dog is caused by a birth defect. In fact, this particular breed is a product of combined genetics or by certain genetic factors (dominant genes) that are passed down from their parents. The white coat of the boxer is created when both the father and mother are carriers of the gene.

White Boxers are definitely not considered to be albinos because albinos do not have any pigment and lack color on all parts of the body. The majority of white boxers have spots located on their skin. However, it is covered by their short white coats. There are some white boxers that also have coloration around their mouth and nose. Many also have brown pigmentation around their eyes or on their backs.

According to the statistics of the American Boxer Club, nearly 25% of boxer puppies are all white or almost completely white. Therefore, is not all that rare to see white boxer puppies. However, it is a recessive gene, so both parents would need to be carrying the white gene. Sadly, many breeders feel that white Boxers are substandard to colored Boxers and believe that they tend to have more health problems than standard colored boxers.

White boxers are actually not any different from the boxers with color, and they have been around just as long as the boxer itself. The only reason why white boxers are less popular is because of the stereotypes that have been placed upon them. White boxers are not even allowed to compete as show dogs. People should not allow stereotypes determine whether or not they make great pets for the home. The stereotypes around white boxers have caused breeders to shun them and often try to get rid of them right after birth, fearing that a white boxer will lower the value of the other puppies in the litter.

In the end, a white boxer is just as energetic and loyal as any other boxer and he only way to know if a white boxer dog is right for the home is to take one in. They can be very loving and trained just as easily as any other dog, and they need to be loved unconditionally like any other pet that is brought into the home. The best advice is to definitely do the research.

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